Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

What if…..

What if I wasn't in any way me...
would I still be I?

Or would you be me?


For the less spirited and more ambitious souls as mine, day dreaming is an essential means. There is no greater indulgence than to manipulate all the cases and factors of life’s events. This has several benefits, if you see. Since you have thought it all over, you know that you could do it, if you had wanted. So, you have achieved. The chances of failure are zilch. Finally, you do not have to bother about all extra that you need to do – hard work to sustain your success! And what are the side effects? You have a strong likelihood of becoming a thought leader. You have thought almost everything over in your mind and are one perfect place to go to and spend time with. How ideal, this all looks! But for the multitude of such category of day-dreamers, life isn’t so easy. It is extremely difficult to do nothing about your dreams. So, you make efforts and then you think why I didn’t do it the other way. And soon the series of ‘what-ifs’ follow.

“For every action that you take, there are several alternative actions (including no action at all) that give immense possibilities of ‘what-ifs’”

From the moment our parents decide to give us birth, our “what-ifs” have started. At what age of their life, in which city, during which season, how many siblings, so on and so forth all add up to give alternatives to our course of life. The life of the eldest is not similar to that of the youngest; growing up as one child is not same as growing up with four siblings etc. And this is just the beginning of our being. Imagine all the possible forks in life where the path we followed was chosen, by others or by ourselves. It requires mind boggling algorithms to ascertain the path that would have been the best. And bring in the elements of dependencies and inter-dependencies; it is clearly a bad idea.

And... "what-if" continues...
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