Dreams: January 2007


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

What do you stand for?

Saturday, January 27, 2007
Sometimes back I had written about an entrepreneur trying to balance between two wives, technology and business in my blog titled Engipreneurs. I guess, I like the two wives analogy and am trying to present it here again from a different angle.

A middle aged man had two wives, one much younger and the other of same age as himself. The younger wife wanted the man to look young and the older wife wanted the man to look his age. They both decided to take charge. So, younger wife plucked any gray hair the man had and the older wife plucked the black hairs. Man ecstatic with the attention he was getting didn't realize the fait accompli until he had no hairs left.

If one is always swayed by the principles of conflicting parties, the end result is, well, no result.

So, what do you stand for?

Create your own destiny

There was a donkey amazed at grasshopper's crooning and disappointed in its own braying. When told that it was the grasshopper's diet of dew that made them such melodious, the donkey followed the same diet. Till, it died of hunger.

What is meat to one, may be poison to other. So, instead of following what others have, find our own talent and create your own destiny.

Smaller strides towards bigger goals

Attempting to take all the nuts in the jar, a boy put his hands inside and grabbed a handful. But soon could not take his hand out of the small jar opening, without letting go some of the nuts in the hands.

In all the success stories that we read, success is not created in leaps, but in small steps. It is created and nurtured, till it becomes self-constructing. That is the nature of growth.

Take the first step now.

Force or Persuasion?

Wind and Sun had a contest - which one was mightier of the two! And to settle, they decided, the winner would be one who would make a man take off his coat.

So blew the wind with all its might, as fiercely as it would in the wildest of storms - but stronger the wind blew, tighter the grip man had on his coat. He clutched on to the coat as his last resort - till the wind gave up.

Sun, on the contrary, just smiled. Its bright, gentle smile and pierced through the wind and clouds ... straight into the man's heart. He felt the warmth and a sudden desire to take off the coat and accept the sunshine in all its glory. He took off his coat and smiled back!

What force cannot achieve, persuasion does!

What is 26th January?

Friday, January 26, 2007
Anniversary of Ahmedabad earthquake
(We were in Mahabaleshwar with parents)

My friend's wedding anniversary
(Where is he these days - his mail id?)

Ah! I remember, there was something about this date-
(Jan 26- Ahmedabad Earthquake, July 26 - Bombay rains, Dec 26 -Tsunami...)

But again, why holiday in India...
Oh Wow! Holiday on a Friday, a long weekend
(When is the next one for us...?)

Hmmm so, what is 26th January?
Do I have to be reminded that 26th Jan is Indian Republic Day?

May be 'chabbis janwary' would have worked better,
But then...!

Or date has lost all meanings in this Monday - Friday life?
May be yes! Meanings do change, differently though.

I am probably more patriotic today, sitting seven seas away from the land, forgetting the significance of this date as compared to when I would sit glued to the television watching live telecast of 26 Jan parade from Rajpath.

Today, I think more about India and what I can do for India.

I can afford to forget the dates of importance, but I will never make myself forget to think about India!

My solemn promise to myself, on 58th Republic Day!