Dreams: What is 26th January?


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

What is 26th January?

Anniversary of Ahmedabad earthquake
(We were in Mahabaleshwar with parents)

My friend's wedding anniversary
(Where is he these days - his mail id?)

Ah! I remember, there was something about this date-
(Jan 26- Ahmedabad Earthquake, July 26 - Bombay rains, Dec 26 -Tsunami...)

But again, why holiday in India...
Oh Wow! Holiday on a Friday, a long weekend
(When is the next one for us...?)

Hmmm so, what is 26th January?
Do I have to be reminded that 26th Jan is Indian Republic Day?

May be 'chabbis janwary' would have worked better,
But then...!

Or date has lost all meanings in this Monday - Friday life?
May be yes! Meanings do change, differently though.

I am probably more patriotic today, sitting seven seas away from the land, forgetting the significance of this date as compared to when I would sit glued to the television watching live telecast of 26 Jan parade from Rajpath.

Today, I think more about India and what I can do for India.

I can afford to forget the dates of importance, but I will never make myself forget to think about India!

My solemn promise to myself, on 58th Republic Day!

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