Dreams: August 2007


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

Life; it is good be there...

Sunday, August 19, 2007
"In dino, dil mera, mujhse hai keh raha
Tu khwaab saja, tu ji le jara
Hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, karle tu bhi mohabbat"

The lyrics of this song are deliriously soothing ... and each time I hear the song, I find emotions churn mystically in my heart! As, if long time back, in an elegantly engraved box, I filled all my loved possessions, sealed it with a kiss and hid it to be discovered ... yes ... just left it to be discovered. With the hope that may be one day when the box is found and the lid is open, the brightness of all that is within, will spread and engulf all that is around. The song does just that to me.

I was wondering, why I am not able to write poems any more ... how at one time, I could just sit down with my pen and paper and turn the most uneventful into something so jubilant...

Why I cannot find any articulated expression matching my love, in my attempt to write a love poem, for instance. This, many people will say, is the strength of love ... love is more potent than any word that expresses it. But, then I think it is only because I am thinking, I am comparing, I am using my mind. Yes, I am letting my mind rule, once again, my heart.

Heart is superfluous, mind is restraining.

Like this song says, dream ... live, a little. After all, life is a good place to be in!