Dreams: Indian News Channels, Stop It !!!


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

Indian News Channels, Stop It !!!

As if the non-ending, nature defying soap operas were not playing their part, the Indian News channels have come to join the group.

Each time, I watch some elaborate dramatization of issues that are so nerve wrecking, it makes me sick to death!!! Shekhar often asks me to not watch the Hindi News channel, but what can I do. I have grown up seeing my father watch only the news channel and indeed they were such a pleasure to watch, when I think of it. The news then meant class and serious business!

Today, for instance, I just tuned in to a channel where the reporters were interviewing a 12 year old rape victim in front of camera, asking all sorts of questions and elaborating this with their interpretation of what the girl had said. First of all why would the parents allow that and secondly, where is the ethics and sensibility in journalism today??? I did not get or feel differently (other than this rage on the report itself), from hearing that young girl speak. The one line news about this incident, in itself was shocking and painful to hear!

I feel guilty of promoting this kind of reporting, by knowing that it is present and not doing anything to stop it. But, I really want to do something about it. I really want to!


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3:19 AM

You can help stopping this Amita- just stop watching the channel.

Loud campaigning against them won't help as much as a silent revolution of people who simply decide not to put up with it. Campaign amongst friends and family. If the channel ratings go down, then they'll have to rethink their strategy, right? Of course, it's not like a simple mathematical formula to an expected solution. It's a vicious circle - news channels claim that they show these things because people want to watch them and people claim that they watch them because there isn't much else to watch. The circle needs to stop somewhere. It is a bit hypocritical on the our part too if we continue to see what we say we hate. We cannot make nostalgia an excuse for putting up with something which so revolting and disgusting.

~ Priyanka.    

4:09 AM

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