Dreams: I want to be a rapper ...


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

I want to be a rapper ...


Indeed, being a rapper was one of the most outrageous "wake up with an idea" moments, I had in the year that was.

Apart from that, many such ideas made appearances ... some as cameo, left as soon as I could identify them. Some stayed on for longer...like the item numbers in Indian Movies, specially for their amusement value, I hooked on to them for some time. My idea of exploring the career of a chef was one such ... after finding out that there are about few hundred thousand active chefs working only in the bay area, the idea only did as much to amuse me and I took it no further. The culmination of this idea was my blog, where I perform all my rituals, being the chef of my kitchen.

Some ideas, however, stayed and haunted for much longer. They appeared and re-appeared in almost everything that I did. Ideas of a new venture in Marketing Consulting, has been one such and I spent a lot of computer time (which, in fact is all of my time) in thinking about the hows and whats!

In all, when I look back at 2007 and years earlier ... I believe that these ideas are what keeps me going. How horrifying would be a day, when I have no idea to think upon, or more time in hands than I need to fulfill all that I had planned to do! I mean what is the fun in life, when I am not required to juggle and shuffle ...

When, someone asks me about my resolution - I really do not have anything to say. But, I just hope that I have this positive outlook through out and keep churning as many new ideas as I can. At least, one of them will be a hit in the box office !!!

Rapper or a simple Product Manager,
Wife, daughter, sister, friend ...
I do and will keep wearing many different hats -
for all who I care for,
will do everything I can,
in 2008 and years to come!

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