Dreams: Strangers ... who are you?


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

Strangers ... who are you?

"The man is in the garden, cleaning the fish pond. Suddenly, the front gate opens, "she" walks past the man, oblivious of his presence, heads to the couch, adjusts herself on it and falls asleep in minutes .. like a small child - innocent and in peace. The man's wife joins him in the garden and gets startled by the presence of a 'sleeping beauty'. They both do not know, who she is. The man hushes the wife. They let her sleep, while continuing to mind their own businesses. After some time, she wakes up, bows to the strangers, and leaves the house as silently, as she had entered. "

Unfortunately, this is not for real. This is from a Korean movie, I watched few days back called, "3 Iron". The movie was very interesting, but I am not going to describe the plot of the movie here.

I carried forward a thought from the movie. The thought about how we have alienated ourselves to these species we call as 'Strangers'. A stranger is someone who we do not smile to when we cross the streets, who we look at suspiciously, who we ignore ... so many of them all around - and still we wander lonely - but do not stop by and say hello to one of them.

I am very much from this world. I know, today, when brother kills brother and employers layoff employees working for decades, who would trust strangers? When all gains in life are measured against money and power, you need to keep 'your guards on' all the time.

Still! Ever since, I have seen the movie, I am romanticizing the thought about a world, which would be just like that - with no boundaries and no restrictions.

Where, we do not ask strangers - "who are you?" with suspicion!
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11:22 PM

Hmmm.. :) The stranger thing reminds me of the movie Anand in which the protagonist catches up with complete strangers and talks to them as if he has known them for a lifetime.. And just the thought of it makes me smile... :) :)

And yeah- you're right about the being-on-guard part.. It gives me an idea for a post.. Will continue this on my blog now.. :)


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