Dreams: Good Morning!


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

Good Morning!

It is almost 2 am now. Almost, all my family and friend that I know of, prefer to sleep at this hour. Today, early in the evening, I had pledged to myself that I will bring back something that I had lost for long, to my life. I am talking about "good morning".

The pre-requisite to my pledge was that I will sleep at 11:00 pm (to be able to wake up at 5:30 am). I have already missed the pre-requisite.

Coming back to the "good morning" factor - I realized that my life has just two times: office time and sleep time. There is no morning, no afternoon and no evening.

This is my attempt to bring them one by one, back to my life. I am not talking about the four reasons at all...just baby steps to a fuller life.

Will I have a "Good Morning" tomorrow? ... well, if I sleep now !
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8:46 AM

You put in in the exact words Amita- there are only two times- Office time and Sleep time. I guess now you will see what I was saying when I was once talking to you in chat a long time back and saying that every release in the product is busy and there is never an "easy" release. :) I remember that at the time you had not quite agreed with me saying that the situation is the same even in that team over there...

You see... It is never about how busy the other person is. It is never a consolation to see another person being as exhausted as I am because someone else being as busy as me, is in no way going to help ME get a Good Morning.

And unfortunately, it is not always as simple as deciding that "I am not going to work long hours anymore" Because when you work for long hours the very first time- you don't really realize that what you are starting off is soon going to be an addiction which will slowly gobble up all Good "Afternoons" "Evenings" and more than half of the nights as well.

On a lighter note- 5:30am *seriously* seems like too early a time- it sounds more like Good Dawn than Good Morning :)

It is nice to know that you are on your way to getting back these "times" into your life.. I wish you luck for the same and hope you do achieve what you have called as a "fuller" life :)


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