Dreams: Of Me and myself....


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

Of Me and myself....

It felt sadly funny ... I was feeding my fish with Tetramin flakes and at the same time tearing-off the sachet of dried vegetable mix for my- alone at home dinner - of instant noodle .

Was it the uncanny similarity of foods or my loneliness, but everything around the house seemed to be floating, including myself ... light and loose ... the house felt like a huge aquarium. I felt my companion in the fish, sharing about our lives - in our own waters ....

Well, I was just about to do something with the - now spilling out of the bowl noodle soup - for example slurp it, a steaming show of Sex and the City caught my attention. Carrie and friends were talking about dilemma between relationship and single-hood. Carrie used the acronym SSB - "Secret Single Behavior" . When loneliness has become a way of life - liked or otherwise - and is breached by the presence of significant others, how does one react?

Ironically, I was thinking on the contrary, of FFF - family, friends full-time.

I hear the water is cold and full of current there ... I can't swim past them now. Until then, it is time to keep floating.

The noodle soup is cold, smells unpleasant - will throw it in the sink. The fish ate its Tetramin. We are different.
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1:12 AM

:) I would like to remind you of the wonderful post you yourself wrote one before the last... "Live life a little- after all it is good to be here.."

What life finally is all about is: each one is on his or her own. People come and go and stay or don't stay- only I am with me.

Yeah I know- easier said than done. But (connecting with the last post) one answer which we constantly get but refuse to accept is this one- "live life with others- but always for yourself".

And the keyword there is- Live! :)


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