Dreams: March 2006


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.


Thursday, March 30, 2006
... start from the heart. When you see or feel something that fills up your heart with ardor and eyes with misty shimmers, your lips instantaneously curve into that eternal smile. So easily distinguishable from fake, so enchantingly divine....

My friend sent across her daughter's pictures today. She will be a year old this August. There was no conversation, no activity - just the picture of beautiful 'Sara' infront of me... and I felt the same warmth in my heart, my eyes were moist and I was smiling... a smile that lingered for long.

Children always do that to me. I just close my eyes and see myself amidst children all around... laughing, playing, cuddling... and the scene makes me so happy. I guess, my heart starts beating as if resonating with a 2 year old jumping on a spring ... and I smile... :)

Sara, today's smile to you!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006
It is really wierd today to imagine that Holi used to be my favorite Indian Festival. I still recall, while waiting for family/friends to arrive, I used to color my face myself. I can still see my mother laughing at me. Buying baloons, hanging out with friends, planning tricks, the 4 in one scooter ride across the city ... It really couldn't be my story... I think I have come a long way.

Now Holi for me is adding a shade of color to my day to day activities....And after every 365 days I look back and see how I have filled the canvas of life with vivid colors and then I celebrate Holi - the festival of colors!!!

Start painting today!

The middle path

Saturday, March 11, 2006
I saw "Banger Sisters" today. And something in the movie just caught my attention. To me the story was of two extremes. There was "do nothing" at one extreme and "over do" at the other. And I am talking about change here. While, Goldie Hawn did nothing to change herself, Susan Sarandon overdid and completely changed into a new person.

Sooner or later, life gets morbid, if lived on extremes. And not everyone gets someone who would show the "middle path", before it is too late.

My take on this is - spend some time just with your own self; often. And help yourself not getting lost in an attempt to create a new you.

Full- Circle

Questions about existence, life, love, success, future, death, beauty, heart, health, birth, fame, relationship, pleasures, beginnings, ends, in-betweens, you and me.

Looking at the sun set, I ask questions and wait for the morning sun, to bring answers...

What is your color?

Sunday, March 05, 2006
Red.. pink.. white? What is the color of your blood? Is that blood that flows through your veins or is it just water? Who did you kill today? And who did you bribe? Which rapist did you just let go? Did you just lie about the deal? BY THE WAY, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???

Yes, who do they think they are? How can some one kill a young girl infront of so many people around and JUST BE DECLARED INNOCENT!!! I am not an authority on law. But I can SEE Lawlessness. Rather, I can NOT see Lawlessness !!!

I saw "Rang De Basanti".. though I think violence is not the answer to all the corruptions, but the movie did have an impact. If anything can turn India into "INCREDIBLE INDIA" then, it has to be a revolutionary movement... there has to be a change of mindset... there has to be a war... a war based on ideologies.. a war the Gandhi way !

The movie also reflects how powerful media can be. And then I thought why can the revolution not begin from the glamor institution of India... Bollywood! What if the entire film fraternity decided to make movies that were only inspiring, only patriotic, only educating, the impact would be enormous. And if, all the movies are based on similar themes, movie watchers will have no choice, but watch one of them.

We really do not need to kill the bloodless, heartless species that are ruling the nation today. They will die their own death when the new, educated species brave the frontiers and decide to take the reins of nation in their control.

Lets get together and make corruption look such a stupid thing to do, that those who indulge in them, themselves stop being corrupt. Let us all be "RED".. Let red be the color, yours and mine.