Dreams: What is your color?


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

What is your color?

Red.. pink.. white? What is the color of your blood? Is that blood that flows through your veins or is it just water? Who did you kill today? And who did you bribe? Which rapist did you just let go? Did you just lie about the deal? BY THE WAY, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???

Yes, who do they think they are? How can some one kill a young girl infront of so many people around and JUST BE DECLARED INNOCENT!!! I am not an authority on law. But I can SEE Lawlessness. Rather, I can NOT see Lawlessness !!!

I saw "Rang De Basanti".. though I think violence is not the answer to all the corruptions, but the movie did have an impact. If anything can turn India into "INCREDIBLE INDIA" then, it has to be a revolutionary movement... there has to be a change of mindset... there has to be a war... a war based on ideologies.. a war the Gandhi way !

The movie also reflects how powerful media can be. And then I thought why can the revolution not begin from the glamor institution of India... Bollywood! What if the entire film fraternity decided to make movies that were only inspiring, only patriotic, only educating, the impact would be enormous. And if, all the movies are based on similar themes, movie watchers will have no choice, but watch one of them.

We really do not need to kill the bloodless, heartless species that are ruling the nation today. They will die their own death when the new, educated species brave the frontiers and decide to take the reins of nation in their control.

Lets get together and make corruption look such a stupid thing to do, that those who indulge in them, themselves stop being corrupt. Let us all be "RED".. Let red be the color, yours and mine.
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9:51 PM

Hi, Nice to see your comment. Well RDB is a really nice movie, considering the kind of hindi movies that are coming now a days its a class apart. The screenplay and the idea of taking past events and infusing them in the present context is something really refreshing. No doubt the movie has made an impact on people and specially the younger generation,it made them think. For me also it was inspiring. I just got stuck with one question. Let me explain it. Apart from the cinematic technicalities of the movie what I wanted to say was the very idea of the way the movie ends. The protest against the Defense Minister, the rebilion against the father(Anupam Kher) and the anger shown by the guys , everything is genuine. But imagine the movie without the historic infusion of Bhagat Singh, Chandrasekhar Azad etc, then will the movie make as much sense and would have had as much impact as it did. The director knew it verywell that if he shows one friend getting killed and his friends killing the defese minister just like that,it won't have succeeded neither financialy nor it could have brought the kind of thinking that it did. The historic events makes the guys(in RDB) and the viewer believe in the idea of killing the Defense Minister, which in actual conditions is not what anyone will think of doing. As an idea it has worked, it has inspired the nation, and that's great, but beneath the only thing that drove the movie were the characters Bhagat Singh, Azad etc. If the nation needs to be awakened this way, its a great effort which has succeeded.

Check the blog and comments below for more on what we discussed after the movie.
PS: This blog is a group blog and is a pvt one.So please don't leave any comments there,I am giving it just for the comments posted there. You can get back to me on my personal blog. I hope you understand. Thanks. And ya you have a nice blog, keep writing.

10:31 AM

Hi Amita
Well I can understand that the guilt feeling will never go out of your mind. But look at it this way, in some way or the other it transformed your thoughts, to judge yourself much more better and more deeper. And as far as the trap is concerned I can't say anything as of now. I am as confused as anyother guy my age will be, deciding between career, money , and the usual materialistic stuff that comes loaded with it.

You must have seen this dialogue in Matrix , "There is a difference in knowing the path and walking the path."

You are in US now, let me ask you one question, Do you ever feel like coming back?    

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