Dreams: Marriage


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.


... something, if at all, is discussed as a subject matter of some joke. We, i mean the married ones for significantly long period of time (>2 years atleast), start taking marriage "too much for granted". We associate marriage with mostly things that it does, helps family, sometimes problems, sometimes solutions. No wonder for most, it starts becoming a burden, a cage and hence, ofcourse a subject matter of joke. You laugh it out, when you can't do anything else !

Recently, one of my friends got married and he made me think about marriage, again. He is same, simple guy, who doesnt express a lot. But I can see how happy he is. Earlier, he left office to go nowhere or wherever! Now, he leaves office (mostly on time) to head off straight home. He knows there is someone waiting the whole day just for him to return. Suddenly he has a purpose in life, not earning money, or achieving fame, purpose to be just with someone who equally wants the same from him. And I think this is the strength of marriage.

Most of us, find all the energy to fight work pressures and stresses of life just because of this strength that marriage has given us - a strength that is not acquired, or given, it is inherent! Now after happy and strong five years of my marriage, seeing my friend so happy and complete, somehow refreshes my vows and I suddenly attach even more values to my commitment.
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10:47 PM

wow...amita, this comes straight from the heart i believe...    

10:17 PM

Sounds like wedding bells are ringing :p All the best ;-)    

6:10 PM

Wow!..I'll bookmark this and let my friends read this.    

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