Dreams: Working on dream !


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

Working on dream !

So what if I started this blog 5 months back (not a long time back eh…), I just wrote my second blog yesterday and today here I am again! So, to me and to all my audiences ( 0 comment is not an indication of 0 audienceJ )… I AM HERE TO STAY!

Every morning when I wake up, I kind of think about my dreams. Mostly, I do remember what it was and feel surprised to have had seen that in the first place!!! It is so dramatic, at times supernatural and hardly something that would make me, say, feel happy.

Freud analyzed some dreams and made many of us believe that dreams are what we consciously or otherwise think/do etc during the day that finds expressions in our dreams. Bless me, for if my dreams were to be expressions of my thoughts said or otherwise, I should have been orbiting in some celestial dimensions now.

But that makes me think again about my dreams. Yours too! What if, we could plan our dreams? I mean, we sleep for 8-10, ok 12 hours on an average daily, and we wake up with dreams we won’t want to own? So, imagine, if we could for instance decide, ok, I want to dream about me winning the jackpot in Las Vegas (be modest to start with), and that is it. I don’t want to spoil the pleasant surprise part of seeing how it happens. Then I can wake up feeling happy! I can go and buy the book “Gambling for Living” and next possible week-end, head-off to Vegas. Who cares if I win or not, I would be having a new dream to pursue by then. Doesn’t it give a better sense to the phrase “when you are given a dream you are also given the power to make it come true” – After all this is your dream now, you own the responsibility for it!

To top it all, the 12 hours of your life are also in your control now!

So, when are you sleeping today? Or should I ask, what your agenda for Dream today?

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3:01 PM

True, dreams are treacherous. More than anything else in this world it is our dreams that test our spirit, our willingness to turn them into reality. Kudos to someone who still believes in their existence.


5:25 PM

Thanks !!!    

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