Dreams: I saw fire - a street dweller caught in fire!


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

I saw fire - a street dweller caught in fire!

I saw fire today,
Cold and dry fire, from my AC car,
Meaningless to eyes,
Like yet another roadside act,
Incoherent, insignificant, intruding,
With a detached heart,
I saw fire today.

Atypical place and a wrong time,
What if there is a nude show of Penury or
A fiery dance of the Tandava,
Who cares for what fuels this fire,
Anguish, angst or anger
Busy traffic, late to office, self-occupation,
I drive past the fire, safely.

Sets of mobile, models of car, types of cuisine
I know all, but still can’t differentiate,
Between a stray dog, a pothole or
A poor man …
Who I saw caught in the fire today,
I cannot differentiate,
I simply avoid.
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