Dreams: Amitabh on Press and Commercialism of it ...


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

Amitabh on Press and Commercialism of it ...

An interesting post from the Big B in his blog:

No judgment, no comments ... just like the way his thoughts flow on a topic that has been troubling me (and many alike) for some time ...
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10:21 PM


You really are perturbed and distressed by the way the press and media have been commercialized- ain't you? :)

I read the blog link that you've given. Pretty interesting to say the least. It's a bit strange though (and maybe refreshingly so) that it came from a personality who has gained at least 45-50% of the stature that he currently has, solely based on the press. Amitabh has been the original Indian super hero for so many years now, so why is it so that he suddenly became popular in the West in the recent years? Madame Tussauds et all.. While the press and the media might not have a full hand in doing that- they did play an important part in it. And now- as the same press and media are talking about the things being said against him, they are being called commercial ehh :) It's a bit like Aamir Khan (I know I know - I love him too!) boycotting all Indian Awards functions and yet showing up unbashedly at the Oscars. There's a subtle difference though: AB never asked the media and press for any good publicity when they openly showered him with it - but he did not refuse either. And now as they are encroaching more and more into the space that he allowed them to come into (non-refusal being assumed as acceptance I suppose) - they want to make the most of it! And as they have proved time and again, they know no limit to the depth to which they can stoop - so they're just playing the same sick game all over again.

And yeah - he does write well - no two ways about that. I wonder what the media will have to say about that :P

Btw- I think you really deserve a break from television news channels ;)


4:07 AM

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