Dreams: One smile a day ...


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

One smile a day ...

I have been hibernating from blogger for sometime as my priorities have shifted a bit ... will be back soon! Anyways, a thought just occurred to me and I wanted to pen it down.

How nice would it be, if a florist sent one flower arrangement a day to someone, just to brighten and freshen up that person's day. For the florist, it may not be a big deal but just a small gesture would really bring smile to some one. How nice it would be, if we just did something in the normal course of our day, not really going out of our way, to make someone's day ...

Seeing smiling faces all around would definitely make the world a great place to live. And we can do it - just one smile a day ...


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11:18 PM

Hi! I would like to tell u that I do such small gestures in my daily life...not everyday..but just any day whenever i get a chance..like if I m in a market n if I see a kid selling balloons, I get him a kurkure or icecream.....this gives me immense pleasure..
I hope that u wont think of this comment as any boasting from my side. I just want to spread this thought that this much we all can afford in terms of money as well as time but we still dont do it..    

4:09 AM

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