Dreams: The "Wish Angel" Theory


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

The "Wish Angel" Theory

"Wish Angels work hard to collect wishes. Upon collection, these wishes are taken to the "Wish-Approver" who has the powers to grant the wishes. The approval process is based on rigorously reviewing the acts of wish-seekers. Believe it or not, the conversion rates are very low. This makes the work of wish-angels extremely tough, as they have to meet their wish targets.

Wish Angels need qualified leads. So, what do they do?

They 'halo' around people who have their acts right. This way, they collect wishes that have much higher chances of being approved and hence being granted. "
This is Shekhar's theory of Wish Angels.

And I simply like to believe in it. Keep being good, wish angels are around you. And don't forget to make a wish!
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12:29 AM

Haha.. :)

Amita, Please convey to Shekhar that this theory is cool- not only because of its content but because he has managed to package some important lessons in the form of a "theory" (So that "adults" can understand and it..:) ) -

1. Never stop believing that you are good.
2. If you are good- your wishes will come true.
3. Never stop wishing.

And all these three lessons feed each other in a circle... :)


(This time I thought I'll put my name explicitly- the last comment surprisingly did not display it inspite of me having logged in!!)    

8:07 PM

:) Sure ...

I know, I simply love this theory. Give Credit to the Technical Writer of this theory as well :))

Shekhar must have forgotten (like all geniuses do) after creating the theory. I have revived it and now made it immortal :)    

2:19 AM

Haha :) Yeah definitely- finally it is you who presented the theory- else no one would have known :)    

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