Dreams: Dhunuchi Dance, Ramleela and my Black Saree...


Dreams are answers
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       we haven't yet
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Dhunuchi Dance, Ramleela and my Black Saree...

This was my third pujo in Bay Area, outside home - The TV was playing the non-stop routine of Durga Pujo celebrations all over India, on Hindi News channels. I turned off the television, cursing - "why do they have to show it all the time, as if making fun of me!" But, after three years, I have come to terms and have actually, started enjoying the Pujo. At least, you can see that everyone is trying their best to get the same fervor, smell, cadance of the pujo as back at home. Or, at least you are not alone to feel ... well you know !

Anyways, for today, Let me start in the reverse order of subject...

My black Saree - the designer saree that Didi had got me during my visit to India this June... is awesome! And awesome was the upper that Piyu had designed for the saree ...! So, I could not wait to be in the crowd in that black saree... Shekhar, after trying 3-4 coats / blazers - decided to wear the blue sweater that he always wears to work. I did not mind - after he got his hairs cut in the crew cut style yesterday - I am ok with him wearing whaterver he likes ! How bad can the dress-up be compared to those crew cut - and right on the Puja day. But then, he is not Shekhar for nothing :)

Anyways, while I was dying to get in the pandal and find someone who had a better saree than I had (which I doubted so much), there was some more wait in store for us. Parking! After juggling a lot from one parking to another and after resorting to some of Indian ways of finding a spot, we managed to get a place - after 15 minutes.

Dhunuchi - After I got down the car, I do not know how I got inside the pandal and what drew me right infront of the Mother, witnessing the Dhunuchi dance. I think, I was just pulled by some mystic force. I kept there standing, seeing one by one many dhunuchi dancers, swaying in frenzy to the tune of the drums and of the smoke that came out of the lamps in their hands. I kept looking at 'Ma' silently, without wishing for anything - but looking at 'Ma' I felt - she knew it all!

Ram Leela - Just when we were about to leave the Pandal, we went inside the temple and were amazed to see Ram Leela being played. It was indeed a pleasure, because even in India, I do not remember when I had last seen Ram Leela. Just yesterday we were teasing Shekhar about where he got his theatrical demeanors when he said he used to watch Ram Leela a lot during childhood. Anyways, it was perfect, because when Lakshman appeared on stage roaring against the injustice that Rama was faced with, they made it so real to the India Ram Leela, that the sound system went off - for 10 minutes, the technical disruption caused audience to enjoy the viewing even more. For some reasons, I felt Lakshman (could be Rama also) was the sound technician. Anyways, it resumed after a while and we saw until Lakshman cut Surpanaka's nose.

Well, tomorrow is Dashami. 'Ma' is all set to go back to where she came from ... We all will wait another year for her homecoming - May nothing change in any of our lives, if not for better!
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1:21 AM

Wow!!! I am so glad you had fun! The post says it all!! :)

Now- three things:

First: Send me a pic of yours in that awesome designer saaree that you have mentioned- as I promised in my comment in the last post- you can show it off to me for sure :D :)

Second: Ramleelaa- uff! :P I cannot tell you how right you are about the association of theatrics and Ramleela.. I had watched my first Ramleela at the age of five when we were in Delhi- and that is when I knew it- that I am gonna love the stage and being on it. So yeah- Ramleela is the mother of all theatre :D And your description of the Ramleela that you saw there brought back memories of my first theatrical inspiration.. So thank you for that :)

And third: :) Amita- for the first time today I sensed that you are enjoying that foreign land- and that you found your joy and let your spirit of celebration stand out as more important than your geographic location and is such a wonderful thing.

Here's to your joy- may it always remain with you and keep you warm and happy :) Amen!


6:39 AM

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