Dreams: 'P' for Priority


Dreams are answers
       to questions
       we haven't yet
       figured out
       how to ask.

'P' for Priority

In my professional life, my biggest prerogative is to set the priorities right! And I believe that priority has a very significant role in personal life as well. A sense of priority, if inculcated in kids, will enable them to make better decisions and will help parents, avoid the all so 'energy sucking' arguments, with their kids.

I have seen a girl abstaining from eating for 3 days, finally her guardians give in to her demand of Rs 18000 cell phone. She was still in school. I have seen arguments between parents and their kids for reasons like attending a late night party to buying 'that sexy dress' and from getting hairs colored 'red' to teachers reporting of 'bunked' classes. I am very much sure that these are common-place examples. While, in most cases you would want to accept a child's desire but at others you know better, and would like your child not go the path.

I am no expert - neither do I know, as yet, what works the best. But, I would want to tell all kids out there - 'know your priorities'. Next time, when you want to go out with friends and your mother does not allow you to - do not fret and fume - instead, just remember your priorities.

The moment you realize that your un-granted wishes are no ways related to the priorities you have set for this phase of your life, you will not feel dejected. You will not be charged with negative energies (read rebel, emotional stress, withdrawal etc) but, you will be focused to out grow your potentials and live up to your priorities.

It is up to the parents to sit with their kids, early on, and help them set the priorities in their life - and of course, set a good example by introducing the 'P' for priority in their life styles as well!
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8:08 AM

Wow! I think I should send my younger sis to you sometime for a counseling session ;)

Jokes apart- I loved this post. I kinda agree with you- especially the part where you talk about parents sitting with kids and showing them the importance of priorities..

My personal experience as an elder sister, however, has taught me one important lesson in this regard.

More about that on my blog here... :)


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